Dedication to State-of-the-art Technology

  • Continuous focus on technological advancement, fast adoption of state-of-the-art technologies for optimal proposition.
  • Positioning not as a low-cost supplier, but as provider of superior Tunneling Construction technology solutions.

Long-term Relationship

  • True understanding of the each other’s strategy, organization and people – Prerequisite for successful business relations.
  • Long-term perspective required for such understanding.

Investment in Human Resources

  • Critical for success in the global market: Development of the right HR infrastructure.
  • Majority of senior management educated or with work experience in Europe, many fluent in English and German.

Providing construction of Excellence

  • In case of every special challenging constructs, supply of the specific quality requirements are must.
  • Given the positioning as a experience technology providers, development of superior capa bilities is an obvious consequence.

Being the Solution Provider

  • Partner’s are under tremendous pressure to reduce costs and complexity.
  • MOYA’s key strategy is to take-over maximum value-added operations to provide complete solutions including production and assembly.

Utilizing Advantage of Location Turkey

  • Turkey as the emerging manufacturing powerhouse due to dynamic workforce, cost-competitiveness and logistical advantages.
  • Utilizing these advantages, based on our long year experience and required technical know-how.