MOYA Construction Machinery Industry and Trade Ltd. was founded in 1993 as a family owned company.

By the intense demand for construction works in Turkey such as retaining steel profile, Retaining tube cage, umbrella systems, steel construction, Rock bolts etc. for Highway Tunnels, Subway Tunnels, Mine Shafts and Tunnels, Hydroelectric power plant projects and also processes of all customer-oriented specific steel construction operations established.

We are very proud, that MOYA has placed its successful mark of quality on the first tunneling in Istanbul between Taksim & Levent in 1994. Consequently, through more successful projects during the years, we were honored and rewarded to be a part of, one of the world greatest underground construction as Marmara Rail Tube Tunnel Project in Istanbul.

MOYA, combined with Technology, Quality, Experience, Trust and with continuously impassioned Development, serves since 23 years the large construction companies in the domestic market.

Thanks to its state of art technology, our factories can perform high quality custom-made products to its customers. The high quality finishing on each product is a result of preferring the top quality raw materials and accessories.

Company Datas

Business Area: Tunneling, Mining, Hydroelectric and Civil Construction.
Established in: 1993
Located in: Istanbul / TURKEY
Business Mix: 80% Tunneling, 20% Civil Construction
Plant: 3.500 m²
Employees: 100+

Investment in Value Added Services through establishment of 2nd dedicated these processes.

Current Business Mix

  • Majority of business comes from Global Tunneling companies.
  • Underground mining.
  • Repair and restoration.
  • Total and General contractor are strategically important to keep financial balance in different aconomic conditions.